Sleeping Alone

Growing up, you may have been lucky and had your own room with your own bed and everything in there that you could call your own. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky. I shared a room with my mom and everything was hers and nothing was of my own. When I moved out with my son and finally got my own room, I was on cloud nine. Now, years later I still have my own room but my little ones seem to enjoy sharing my bed with me every night. As much as I love them, I miss having my bed to myself on those nights. I say “on those nights” because once a week their father will be here to sleep and they will sleep with him on the bed that resides in our living room (LONG STORY hahaha – next post!).

So, once a week I get to enjoy my bed to myself and I couldn’t be happier! In the same breath, I wonder if I’m being selfish and not enjoying the small things in life because once the kids become teenagers, sleeping with mommy will no longer be wanted. It’s crazy because I’m only getting older too so shouldn’t I enjoy my time now when I’m healthy and able to function with no assistance?

I just don’t know… But at the moment I will enjoy the days/ nights they sleep with me and will continue to enjoy my one night of loneliness hahaha. Now that I think of it one night out of 7 is not bad at all… So if I’m sharing 6 days with them I shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoy my one night.

How about you? Do you share your bed with your children or spouse? How do you feel about it? Should I change my way of thinking? Let me know in the comments below….

God Bless


I’m Back

Hey everyone!

I feel blessed that I still received new followers during the months I was absent. For the new followers, THANK YOU and welcome to the team! For my previous followers and long term supporters, THANK YOU and I’M BACK!!! I decided to try and blog during the summer and the month of September just wasn’t feasible for me so unfortunately I was M.I.A for 3 months and I think this is the way I’m going to keep it as I feel refreshed and have so much to share. So anyone new that hasn’t decided to join the team please feel free to press that follow button and let’s build together!

My goal is to post everyday during Monday to Friday and keep weekends for relaxing. Not sure what I will blog about… It’s going to remain random: relationships, personal thoughts, kids, family and friends and whatever else comes to mind for you guys. Also please feel free to leave a comment. The more the merry, I love being able to communicate with people all around the world. If you want me to cover a certain topic just let me know and your request shall be granted! I’m excited to be closing off 2018 and starting 2019 but before we get there let’s focus on the months we have left in 2018 as Tomorrow is never guaranteed!

Okay, well I think that is enough for now…. Talk to you later!


My Heart

The love in my heart
Can easily fall apart
Making me feel like a fake piece of art
That needs a fresh start

Could it be that I’m just broken?
Used up like a subway token
Am I now, speaking the unspoken?
Letting my heart slowly become open

Does my heart need time to be healed?
Or will the casing remain sealed
With it always needing a shield?
Keeping my feelings completely concealed

The heart carries all our troubles
Hopes and dreams floating around in bubbles
Hopefully, they are just coming across like doubles
Here, truly lies all my struggles




Striving for Excellence (the I.E.P story)

I always strived to be better than the rest. LOL, yea where did that type of thinking get me, right? I know, but still, it must be the competitive nature in me. So, is it wrong for me to want my kids to push themselves to try and be a better version? For example….

My son was put on an I.E.P (Individualized Education Plan) when he was in grade 2. I know lots of other families whose child has also been given an I.E.P and they see it as a great thing. No offence to any of my friends who may be reading this but in my opinion, it is NOT a great thing. If your child just requires certain type of modifications than yes it’s not a bad thing but if your child is in grade 2 and they have him on an I.E.P for math at a grade 1 level then your child is BEHIND!! If your child is in grade 5 and their plan is for reading at a grade 1 level, your child is BEHIND! In our days your child would have failed, now all they are doing is pushing them through the system. So my son has been on an I.E.P for EVERYTHING since grade 2. He is now in grade 6 and guess what?! He is off the I.E.P COMPLETELY!!

Slowly over the years I targeted one area to work on. Easiest was social studies then math then reading and language and the last which was just removed was his social self-regulation requirements. His grade 6 teacher couldn’t believe he used to be on an I.E.P for everything and now he doesn’t require one at all. Most people who are put on an I.E.P stay on it, why? No offence, but I believe it’s the parents that leave the teachings to the school system so your child falls between the cracks. We can’t do this! We have to be involved with our children’s education or else they will never reach their full potential. My son was labelled as ADHD with a reading and writing disability. I didn’t let this stop me from pushing him forward. Now, he is at his grade level regardless of his “disabilities”.

He feels like he no longer has to work hard because he is at his grade level so he is okay being average. I’m not okay with him just being average, I want him to keep working hard and to push his intelligence to another level. Am I wrong? Should I stop pushing him and leave him at “average” or do I continue to push him forward hoping that one day he will adapt the same time as thinking as me?

What would you do?


Best Fruits and Veggies to Buy in Spring

The best time to buy fruits and veggies for your dollar, is to buy the items that are “in season”. When an item is in-season, it is cheaper to buy at that time. So here is my springtime shopping list for the Spring:

Water Squash

Now I just need to find the perfect recipes to incorporate these items into my meal plans for the 3 months of Spring.



5 Requirements for a Successful Relationship

Relationship. That one word can be something wonderful or it can bring misery to your mind. Which is it for you?

Not every relationship can be AMAZING! However, no relationship will be amazing for you if you harbor ill feelings from relationships of your past. No one wants a bad relationship just like no one wants a partner that is holding on to their past baggage.

If I think of 5 things every relationship needs to be successful, these are it (not in any particular order):

1) Freedom – You need to be ready to be in another relationship. Meaning: No thoughts/feelings regarding your past relationship. When you go on a date, that date doesn’t want to hear no long ass story about your past relationship however I will ask you about it to see your response towards it because the way you talk about your last relationship can tell a person a lot.

2) Trust – Trust shouldn’t have to be EARNED in a new relationship. Trust is a privilege that you give to your partner automatically HOWEVER it can easily be taken away. Heads up! You lose the trust, you just lost the relationship. Meaning: If I feel the need to constantly check your phone, we have no trust and therefore no hopes for a successful relationship.

3) Communication – This is key to EVERYTHING. Lack of this, leaves room for questioning, doubts and obviously miscommunication. You may need to work on this but as long as both parties are open to learning how to communicate with one another than there is hope.

4) Interest – This may sound weird because automatically you’re thinking, “Obviously there is interest that’s why you’re in the relationship”. But I don’t mean like that. You need to show interest in the things that are important to your partner.  I’m not saying you are going to like everything they do but you at least should be open to trying it at least once. Meaning: if your girl is into poetry, attend a poetry event with her. You don’t have to always go especially if you don’t like it however that one time shows that you respect her interests enough to see if it is something you could also partake in. This also goes for women, if your man is into basketball (these are just examples), go to a game with him. If after you attend these “examples” and figure it’s not your thing then no problem but at least you tried.

5) Intimacy – This isn’t just in reference to sex. Intimacy can be many things but it NEEDS to be there. I can’t stress the NEED anymore than that. Everyone, even the most confident person  needs to feel wanted/desired by their significant other.

6) This is a bonus and definitely will not relate to everyone but if you are on the same boat as me than this will definitely matter. GOD – Without him being a strong force within your relationship, I feel a lot of things can go wrong that could be avoided. Through him all things are possible. A family that prays together stays together. There is something encouraging about having a partner who believes in the same things as you… At least I think so.


The Saving Plan

So I know I should have probably started this when the year just started but May has brought about a lot of new “Plans” for me. So today I put 1 dollar into my savings account. I will move the money every Sunday into my savings account, the target is to follow this 52 week saving challenge. Yes it only gives you $1378 at the end of the year but for a female who has recently been struggling to even rub two pennies together this would be a great start! I will be doing this with my simplii account.


There is another plan that I’m going to try to do with my other bank account (tangerine) but I might not stick to it as the amount to save each week is higher but if you can do it, that would be great because at the end of the year you would have saved  5k.

more money
So all deposits were made this week hopefully on Sunday I can make week 2 deposits. God has a plan for me, this I know.

God Willing